West Coast Modern Home Styles

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In the City of Vancouver, as well as our North shore communities, you can buy beautiful, brand new modern homes. However, we have had a long history of this building aesthetic for the past 80 years.
A modern home is a style of design that embraces the idea of minimalism and the use of unconventional house materials such as glass, steel and concrete.

If you are a fan of the modern home (as we are!), you may find it interesting to know that the first house in the modern style was built in West Hollywood by Rudolf Schindler, who worked under Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1910’s. It was rightly named The Schindler House and it ultimately inspired some of the mid-century modern homes we see today.

Schindler House

In the lower mainland, it was the West Coast Modern (1930-1965) style that was most prominent. They are defined as simple, undecorated houses with flat or low pitched roofs, interiors often with open ceilings and post and beam structures.

They often have a seamless transition between the interior space and the garden.
Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, these homes first appeared in Vancouver in the 1930’s. Design elements were blended with the terrain and the vegetation.

If you dream of owning a modern home and love the simple beauty of the original designs, which here in Vancouver most often come with an interesting location – perched on a cliff or surrounded by lush vegetation – then you can usually find one for sale.

Here are 2 current examples for sale, both built in the 1960’s, both beautifully renovated.

3584 Rockview Place, West Vancouver.

Modern Home Vancouver

1384 Burnside Road, West Vancouver

1384 Burnside Road

For an appointment to view, contact Bridget Ross at 604-805-6820 or [email protected]